Online Auction FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Bidding
 If you followed us from, and are new to the MarkNet Alliance Streamline Bidding platform, please watch the available online registration and bidding tutorials here:
How can I pay?
If you followed us from, there is not an option to click and pay with the new platform.
Now, we will charge the credit card you registered with, usually at the end of the day of the auction.  If you are a local buyer and wish to pay when you pickup, simply let us know within a few hours after the auction closes.
 Can I preview the items in person?
 Yes! Your bidding is based upon your personal inspection of the item(s), and there will always be an opportunity to preview in person.
What if I don’t have a computer?
Let’s face it, if you don’t have a computer, a tablet device, or a ’smart’ phone, it is highly unlikely you would be reading this.  But hey, if you are on your friend’s device, the answer is: No problem!  We don’t exclude anyone based on their access to a computer.  We offer Absentee Bid forms for bidders to fill out, and we will place your bids for you online.
The Auction End Time was extended beyond the advertised time.  Why?
Anytime there is a bid within the last 15 minutes before an item is scheduled to close, the bidding will be extended on that item by 10 minutes. 
If the advertised auction closing time is 10:00am, all lots without any activity during the last 15 minutes of the auction will close, and only the lots with activity will remain open for extended bidding.
This is an anti-sniping feature that most all online auction platforms use today. 
And...we are an Auction Company and have never sold anything to the lowest bidder.  This online auction software closely simulates the bidding at a live auction.  If there continue to be bids placed on an item, the Auctioneer will not indicate that item to be sold, until all bidders have ceased bidding for a particular amount of time.
Why Did I get "Black Flagged"? 
Nothing Personal, but the majority of our auctions are conducted on other individuals or business property.  We are generally on a strict timeline to have items removed, and any successful bidder that does not pay or pickup during the specified time creates an enormous hardship on our company staff.  Again, it’s nothing personal, but it was you who agreed to the terms of sale and pickup.  We simply don’t have the time or resources to deal with non-performing individuals.  No hard feelings, but that’s the way it has to be.  Maybe our online auctions are not a good fit for your schedule. 
If an emergency arises during the course of your bidding, please let us know!  We understand sometimes life happens.  We appreciate good communication with our bidders and buyers.